After a saturated burst of thickly sweet, golden honey,  Bee by Zoologist is lifted into the air. 

On the way up and out, the wings still smell of honey, but their movement creates airiness.

Covered with pollen, the heart of Bee feels like a vivaciously buzzing bud.

The landing is smooth: Bee is still honeyed, still warm and joyful, the buzz is replaced with softness, and the base is calmly disciplined by bright woods and golden benzoin, slightly waxy. 

Can’t wait to test all these different textures in the spring.

It seems like this bright and buzzing bee would shine then.

This is honey, imagine honey, happy buzzing honey and you can’t go wrong.

Bee is the creation of Cristiano Canali. Notes from the Zoologist’s sample/card.
Disclosure – Purchased.
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