Hi! I am Iva.

I write about perfumes that express unique olfactive beauty, manifest integrity as individual expressions of art, catch my attention, tickle my imagination, and challenge my senses or the way I tend to think.
I live in the heart of Istria, Croatia.

Enjoy the read!

About Mirisna

I am dedicated to writing texts that are reliable, verifiable, transparent, and responsible to perfume users.

Uvjeti korištenja

Mirisna is published under personal responsibility of Iva Grdinić.

Partial anonymity

I choose to remain anonymized (just under my name, as Iva or Iva Mirisna) to avoid online recognition. This allows me to receive the same online treatment as any other perfume buyer. 

In a formal way and without exception, I disclose my identity while making any personal contact as an author of the text which might be published.

1.3. Previously as

Mirisna was previously published under the following names and web addresses:

  • in Croatian: MIRISNA POLICA (1.4. 2019. – 1.4.2020) – https://mirisna-polica.blogspot.com
  • in English: SCENTED SHELF (1.9. 2019. – 1.4.2020) – https://scented-shelf.blogspot.com
Mirisna polica / Scented Shelf - logo 2019.

2.1. Independence

Mirisna is an independent, self-funded, and non-commercial website.
All presented opinions are my own.

2.2. Values

I believe that perfume formulas are works of the human mind and I strive to promote perfumes that represent original authorial creations and olfactory art.

I present valuable perfume creations and perfumes of brands and houses that act following the values ​​that I find important:

  • transparent and responsible entrepreneurship and openness to the customer,
  • respect for diversity, inclusion and social sensitivity.

I try to promote those creators and brands who pay tribute to raw material manufacturers, suppliers, and chemists.

The Perfumery Code Of Ethics

As a perfume writer and responsible person behind the Mirisna website, I am committed to the Perfumery Code Of Ethics.

badge - Etički kodeks parfumerstva

You can view my pledge here and read the Code here.

3.1 Reliability

I do not publish unofficial or unauthorized information. If publishing questionable information, I will clearly state the doubt.

I do not reveal any given or gathered information before it is published on Mirisna.

I do make certain that blog entries, quotations, headlines, photos and all other content do not misrepresent

I admit mistakes and correct them promptly.

3.2. Fact check

 I personally do a fact-check.

3.3. Flagging

While having in mind the reputation of others, in the public interest I do not / never will withhold the information regarding the product safety / the health of my readers or the information important for making an informed purchase decision. 

3.4. Thoughtfulness and minimization of harm

I recognize that gathering and reporting information to publish an article about a specific topic may cause harm or discomfort.
Subjects which will be mentioned or themed in the article to be published may be given a fair warning.

I am thoughtful when dealing with inexperienced sources or subjects.

3.5. Reviewing policy

All reviews are based on my informed, but subjective opinion. In respect of other people’s tastes and business owners, I do not publish negative reviews.
My silence speaks for itself.

Perfume reviews are highly dependent on circumstances: the testing environment, time devoted to tests and many other factors can impact my impression or opinion.

The reviews are the results of multiple tests and all-day wear. “Impressions” are based on less experience – that’s why they are called that way.

Any partial, short or undetailed testing Mirisna labels under “Scent of the Day” or “Impression”, rather than under “perfume review”.

Perfume reviews (reviews and brief impressions) were written based on my personal experience.

The display of perfume depends on different circumstances and conditions: in addition to the environment in which the testing takes place and the amount of time and attention devoted to testing, some other elements can also affect my impression.

For this reason, any short or less complete perfume testing, on which I still decide to publish an opinion, is not categorized as a review, but as an impression, review, scent of the day or a short test.

I will link you to the official website of the brand or distributor, where you can read the official description, or I will present it marked and attributed.

However, I’m dedicated to writing perfume descriptions that describe the scent: if it says I smelled something – you should be able to smell it too.
So, if I didn’t smell, for example, freesia, I wouldn’t even mention it, although it is possible that the accord, or a reflection of a certain material, exists in the perfume.

No personal opinion about the perfume is expressed under the influence of a third party (advertiser, brand or its representative, etc.)

4.1. Non-commercial

Texts published on Mirisna are not paid for, and their publishing has not been compensated in any other way.

Any link to an outside site is for informational purposes only. The publishing of links leading to other sites has not been paid for or compensated.

Mirisna does not sell, resell or swap perfume bottles or samples sent for consideration.

4.2. Disclosure

I name my sources and always provide links to the source of information.

In Mirisna’s posts, I disclose any connection or activity that may result in personal gain a privileged approach, or a conflict of interest, or any other affiliation, and activity resulting in any personal benefit.

This includes perfume donations, personal gifts and PR samples, but also the free provision of expert opinions if an expert offers them on the market.

4.2.1. Purchased

I bought the reviewed item, under conditions that were valid on the market at the time, and the same for all buyers.

4.2.2. Gifted

All other sources and ways of acquisitions. Particularly:

PR sample

  • The brand will be cited as a source when the sample is provided for consideration.
    If and when I decide to publish a short review or review, all opinions expressed are mine alone and do not depend on the source and method of sample delivery.

Give away

  • I participate in selected giveaways as a perfume lover, under my profile: Iva Mirisna (FB) and page profile (Instagram). The organizer of the giveaway is listed as a source.
    I also do not consider winning a gift an obligation of any kind, so if and when I decide to publish a short review or review, all opinions expressed are mine alone.

Private source

  • I may receive a small amount of perfume (a sample, or a test amount of perfume directly from a bottle) as a gift from my perfume colleagues (perfume lovers or other writers only) and private persons unconnected to the perfume business to provide my opinion or joint testing.
    If and when I decide to write a review of a perfume that arrived from this group of sources in the manner described, all opinions are also only mine.

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