Neroli Mediterraneo, the latest contribution to Perris Monte Carlo Italy Collection, stays elegantly bright and crisp all the way:

The delicate, feather-light neroli hoovers over a bit juicy blend of the seaside citrus groves, lightly spiced up with ginger with an almost cinnamon-like accent.

The balance between warm/juicy and cooler, dry elements in the background of breathing neroli lingers in the air for a while, before landing on the dry, soft-textured surface, graced with feather-light musks and smooth iris.

Neroli Mediterraneo is all of the air and the whispers, but also of the most refined character: while neroli dances over a polished white surface, a touch of the initial zest and moist are effortlessly balanced never to become anything but bright, cool and relaxed.

I used up my sample during this September’s heat wave, enjoying it very much. In the end, exquisite, but not long summer pleasure left me with the memory of the very moment when a fresh morning breeze backs away, faced with merciless mid-day heat.

Neroli Mediterraneo Perris Monte Carlo (2022.)
Notes by the brand:
Head – Sicilian Bitter Orange, Sicilian Mandarin, Bergamot from Calabria
Heart – Ginger, Geranium Absolute, Neroli Italia, Orange Flower Absolute, Petitgrain, Timur Pepper
Base – Cedarwood, Iris, Musk
Disclosure – Gifted: PR sample provided by the brand.
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