Master Parfumer Christophe Laudamiel announced pledged to the Perfumery Code of Ethics as of May 1st 2021.

This is the secound round of the pledge annoucements. The first was in July 2020., when The Code was published.
You can read it here.


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Here is what Mr. Laudamiel wrote while announcing the pledgdes:

The list is getting longer and longer. Very good sign. Double the size from last year and mostly spontaneous requests to join.

After writers, perfumers and owners, now the brands, houses and publishing houses who have clearly committed so far. Thank you to @the_plum_girl and @brianjonesagram for helping on a volunteer basis gather logos, fonts etc. from everyone and assembling uniformally. Thank you everyone for walking the talk towards a respected, credible and artistic Perfumery. Perfumery will stand soon truly independent from fashion, merchendising practices and the visual world, so it needs its own respectable system.

The code as it stands today (Ed. 2020). The vision is to hand it to 2 official guardians asap and brainstorming has started. A) The parts applying to PERFUMERS-CREATORS AND COMPOSITION MATTERS would be hosted and further developped by the @sipcperfumercreators. This means for instance candidly deciding how perfumers who have created their own lives from GC’s (i know from facts and read @nezlarevue book chapter on creation of a perfume, 2/3 of the key how-it-happens chapter is GC and borrowing, very public knowledge) can join providing certain new commitments are made, how do we deal with applications of a famous fine fragrance to a candle or laundry (adapting a well known music to a movie, or a photograph to a can of soup, is not credit-free).

B) The clauses to be further developed for JOURNALISTS, CRITIQUES, FANS should be hosted by another organization, also academic and not-for-profit such as @artandolfaction . Schools also will have to teach perfumery composition and processes differently. Still a lot to do, extremely good feedback, very encouraging. Just like when we create a good perfume, some solutions will come only after several trials. Counting on everyone to apply it or to start moving so you can apply it soon.

Remember: ETHICS, RESPECT (and no we don’t respect plagiarism or bribery… it’s not an opinion) AND PROPER REWARDS/CREDITS have only grown the artistic activities and the businesses of everywhere they went.

Christophe Laudamiel via Instagram on May 19th 2021.

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