scent of the day

  • Fig Infusion by Essential Parfums

    Nathalie Lorson, 2022.

  • Neroli Mediterraneo by Perris Monte Carlo

    Gian Luca Perris, 2022.

  • Riviera Verbena by Nicolai Parfumeur Createur

    Patricia de Nicolai, 2022.

  • Naples by Gallivant

    Luca Maffei, 2021.

  • Le Grand Jeu by Voyages Imaginaries

    Isabelle Doyen, Camille Goutal 2021.

  • Nin Shar by Jul et Mad

    Sidonie Lancesseur, 2015.

  • Jicky by Guerlain – In memoriam Sir Thomas Sean Connery

    Aime Guerlain, 1889.

  • Jardins de Misfah by Une Nuit Nomade

    Jerome Di Marino, 2019.

  • Pride, Grasse, Monopteros by Der Duft

    Anselm Skogstad, Miguel Matos, 2020.

  • Fils de Dieu by Etat Libre d’Orange

    Ralf Schwieger, 2012.

  • Sex and the Sea Neroli by Francesca Bianchi Perfumes

    Francesca Bianchi, 2019.

  • Al Sahra by The Different Company

    Emilie Coppermann, 2020.