I’m wearing Jicky today as my fragrant homage to unforgettable Sean Connery (25 August 1930 – 31 October 2020).

After the news that Sean Connery was no longer with us, I went to my drawer with a library of perfume classics and sifted through until I finally picked – Jicky. Jicky, created in 1889. by Aime Guerlain, was almost Sean Connery’s signature.

Jicky was created in 1889 – the same year as the Eiffel Tower rose above the rooftops of Paris, the first perfume in which, in addition to natural, synthetic material was used, the first perfume that belongs to non-monothematic, abstract perfumery and therefore stands on the source of the world’s modern perfumery.

But there’s more to it: each time I became enough annoyed to contradict the theories of “male” and “female” perfumes, gender and fragrant creation, I resorted to Jicky’s argument and the name of the famous actor:

Sean Connery was a man who could not possibly be more “manly” and Jicky – a “feminine” perfume – was his life choice. Sean Connery and Jicky – as a team – would mostly shut everyone’s mouth about gender labeling, showing that there is only greatness.

I believe that, as a team, they will continue doing the same – forever.

Goodbye, Sir Connery.

Disclosure – Gifted.
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