Der Duft -Pride, Grasse, Monopteros

Testing Der Duft perfumes, finally. I took Monopteros, Grasse (created by Anselm Skogstad, 2020) and Pride (Miguel Matos) samples in Zadar with me, hoping to have more time and focus to explore and enjoy each of them while on holiday.
I did not expect I would almost empty all three before writing a word.

Monopteros makes me amazed with its ambivalent coconuty, aldehydic and warm green, that’s the green you are tempted to bite, that’s how human it feels on this heat!

Rosy and powdery, dry and fresh, light and aldehydic Grasse so tenderly cooled my senses and skin, saturated with sun, sea, salt, wind…

Pride did the opposite: it bloomed in the evening, emanating aromatic powers, as a perfect match to the time when the gardens around me are watered, the air becomes fresher, but the earth and stones still radiate heat.

All three are the perfect skin-lovers! And that’s what perfume should be!

DISCLOSURE – purchased.

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