July 14, 2022

Solaro Collection by UERMI (Pierre-Constantin Guéros, 2022.) – The Sunny State Of Mind

The newly launched Uermi’s Solaro Collection is a beautiful example that a concept of the summer collection can be smart and emotionally engaging when presented with sensibility and sophistication.

July 26, 2021

Joyful Collection by Miguel Matos Perfumes (2021)

Twisted Tuberose, Summer Oud, Chypre Caramel and Agua Exotica make a joyful Joyful Collection!

March 1, 2021

Exit the King by Etat Libre d’Orange (Ralf Schwieger / Cecile Matton, 2020.)

ELDO’s metastory – from portraits and controversy towards the absurd. The new chypre, created by Ralf Schweiger, has got a catche in the description.

October 27, 2020

Lisbon Clubs 1920 collection by Miguel Matos (2020)

Olimpia Club, Bristol Club, Palace Club and Majestic Club Smelling Bristol. Majestic, Olimpia, and Palace, perfumes by Miguel Matos from Lisbon Clubs 1920 collection (2020), I wondered if exactly a century later, in this time of self-protective distances and new Puritanism, we are witnessing the final extinction of clubs? Clubs…

July 20, 2020

La Route de la Soie collection by Ormonde Jayne (2020.)

Tanger, Damask, Levant and Byzance When Ormonde Jayne announced the launch of La Route de la Soie collection, I silently exclamed: Finally someone did it! Having in mind all perfumes with “soie” or “silk” in the name, and on top of that all the perfumes and collections inspired by traveling,…

May 22, 2020

Bat 2 by Zoologist (Prin Lomros, 2020.)

“We have some very sad news: Zoologist Bat, designed by Ellen Covey, is now discontinued. “Bat” is important to us, and we have planned to create a new Bat, but by a different perfumer”, announced Victor Wong on Zoologist’s Blog in last June. “We hope to achieve the same greatness of the…

May 19, 2020

Piano Santal by L’Orchestre Parfum (Jean Jacques, 2019.)

In 2019. L’Orchestre Parfum enriched its perfume ensemble with Piano Santal, a multi-layered and rounded woody. In 2017, the Parisian house launched its first line-up: five perfumes in whose heart, from creation to wearing is connected to music: instruments, the musical atmosphere, the synesthetic experience of simultaneous listening and smelling,…

April 29, 2020

L’Ombre des Merveilles by Hermès (Christine Nagel, 2020.)

Merveilles study in smoke and tea L’Ombre des Merveilles is the first Hermès launch in u 2020. and second perfume in the Merveilles line created by Hermès in-house perfumer Christine Nagel. My longstanding loyalty to the Hermès Merveilles line is a result of the love for the accord created in…

April 11, 2020

London by Gallivant (Karine Chevallier, 2017.)

It is truly amazing how the first whiff of unknown perfume can dig out the very old and pretty vague memory and turn it into the bright hologram. That’s what happened to me with Gallivant’s London (2017.). I tested Gallivant perfumes in late last summer, while preparing the review of…

April 1, 2020

Gold by Puredistance (Antoine Lie, 2019.)

Gold is the symbol that goes beyond material and stands for everything we value the most, or is hardest to gain and preserve: apart from all the material value that is measured or compared by the value of gold, we call our dearest one’s “gold”. I got the opportunity to…