“It shall help the public navigate on a sea of obscurism, over abysses of legal voids and through labyrinths of misinformations, alternative facts and behaviors.”

Chistophe Laudamiel, July 2020.

Epuor si mouve… For the first time in its history, the perfumery has the Perfumery Code of Ethics!

The initiative of Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel ofThe Zoo brought together perfumers, perfume manufacturers, perfume brands and perfume critics, regardless of the platform on which they publish, and is forming into a formally organized entity and to some extent has the character of a movement.

Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel (photo via The New York Times)

The final version of the document is in the process of being adopted and should be confirmed at an online meeting of pledged perfume manufacturers, perfume brands, perfumers and perfume critics, or bloggers, to be held in September.

The badges signifying the commitment to the Perfumery Code of Ethics are starting to appear on the websites. Christophe Laudamiel publishes the names of commited once a month: the first announcement was on July 20, and new announcements are scheduled for August and September. In the established procedure, only those with publicly announced pledge have the right to display the badge on their sites or other communication channels.

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Perfumery Code of Ethics, v.14-2020/07, via The Zoo.
You can download a PDF here from The Plum Girl, the blog whose author is Elena Cvjetković, the awarded perfume writer who has been proactively advocating for the inclusion of perfume bloggers and critics in the Code O Ethics since 2017.

Christophe Laudamiel described the symbolics and the meaning of the badge on his Instagram profile:

“A green celadon was chosen as

– a shiny container symbol of magical fragrance potions with solid foundations, elegance and clean polish. Enameled celadons have a long tradition yet still look contemporary and fresh.

– with a scale (balance): symbol of perfumery and justice and

– a bell: symbol of freedom and whistleblowing.”

Christophe Laudamiel, Instagram, July 31st 2020.

In the summer of this catastrophic 2020. something great and very much needed happened: the perfume community for the first time in 500 years (as long as there is modern perfumery) has expressed the need for ethical self-regulation, has launched the initiative, published the document, defined and set in motion the procedures and – created a movement!

These eight paragraphs of Perfumery Code of Ethics should make a change: they should raise the flow of information, provide mechanisms to clearly and loudly flag and isolate all types of unethical and harmful behavior within the community, and thus mitigate or prevent new consequences of unethical behavior. The Code of Ethics should also reduce the number of those who without consequences profit on unethical practices. The benefits should be felt by everyone – manufacturers, perfumers, brands, critics and bloggers, and perfume buyers.


Those willing to commit can contact Mr Laudamiel at perfumeryethics@gmail.com.

PSX 472

Pledged as of 20.07.2020.
Francesca Bianchi, Tanja Boching, Enrico Calandro, Ugo Charron, Chris Classic, Elena Cvjetković, Glenn Davis, Kaitlyn ni Donovan, Eliza Douglas, Lazarus Douvos, Michael Edwards, Catherine Haley Epstein, Andrew Everett, Laurence Fanuel, Elizabeth Gaynes, Yosh Han, Clayton Ilolahia, Euan McCall, Sarah Mc Cartneym Oswald Pare, Ryan Richmond, Tania Sanchez, Katrina Sellers, Harrison Sherwood, Diane St Clair, Shabnem Tavakol, Luca Turin, Saskia Wilson-Brown.

Featured img added in April 2022: copyright Saskia Wilson-Brown, via Christophe Laudamiel Instagram.

The image of the badge is displayed in the article for informational purposes, via The Plum Girl. Mirisna will proudly display it on the site once my pledge is announced.

In the meantime, Perfumery Code of Ethics (v.14-2020/07) has been translated in Croatian.


My personal pledge was accepted in a second round of pledges and the Mirisna perfume site is listed among those who committed to the Perfumery Code of Ethics in May 2021.

You can read about it here.

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