In 2019. L’Orchestre Parfum enriched its perfume ensemble with Piano Santal, a multi-layered and rounded woody. In 2017, the Parisian house launched its first line-up: five perfumes in whose heart, from creation to wearing is connected to music: instruments, the musical atmosphere, the synesthetic experience of simultaneous listening and smelling, the intense, non-verbal comprehension of art trough olfactive and acoustic senses. The first quintet – Thé Darbouka, Flamenco Neroli, Rose Trombone, Encens Asakousa and Cuir Cora – was created by Anne-Sophie Behaghel and Amelie Bourgeois of Flaire, and Piano Santal was created by Jean Jacques.

The perfume is built around almost tangible but at the same time gentle, creamy and aromatic sandalwood, initially sparkled with fresh citrus-aromatic ting.

The woody heart possesses the naturally milky and creamy sandalwood facets, but also allusive “heated skin” accord with a touch of physically expressive, a bit lascivious caraway. This well-measured sensual tease makes Piano Santal almost olfactively acoustic. The drydown is further softened and enriched with chubby white musks. As the perfume blends with the skin, the embracing warmth feels sensual and personal, refined and comfortable.

Very, very nice.

Piano Santal
Main notes by L’Orchestre Perfume: white sandalwood, cedar wood, white musks, heated skin, bergamot, ambroxan, warm milk, caraway.

DISCLOSURE – purchased.

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