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  • The Perfumery Code Of Ethics – the badge and the first public pledges are here!

    For the first time in its history, perfumery has the Perfumery Code of Ethics, and a movement for more transparent and ethical perfumery. The initiative of Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel brought together perfumers, perfume manufacturers, perfume brands and perfume critics, journalists and media.

    Christophe Laudamiel Perfumery Code of Ethics 1
  • Project Touch 2020

    In struggling times, Elena and Miguel teamed up and decided to offer their best skills and knowledge and their professional time to help a chosen brand to launch a new perfume.

    Project Touch big
  • VII. AOL Awards 2020.

    The AOL Awards 2020 included perfumes and experimental projects with scent released in 2019 and was different from the previous six AOL awards in more than one way. Rtake look at the winners and the finalists in judging categories.