Fig Infusion by Essential Parfums feels like sitting in a deep shade of a fig tree on a lazy summer afternoon:

Nathalie Lorson created a green, brightly aromatic, and softly balsamic composition around woody and leafy figs:

While the sparkling opening delivers a sensation of freshly squeezed, juicy mandarin, it soon dives into the creamy-aromatic greenness.

Fig Infusion by Essential Parfums

Fig Infusion feels both relaxed and vivacious: the heart mimics a light hairiness of deeply green leaves with softly tickling texture, that provides a voluminous and airy shade, even during the hottest parts of the day.

The benzoin and musks in the base are infused with fig tree milkiness. In the final phases of development Fig Infusion is all about a pampering, soul-soothing experience: round, creamy, comforting and – still fresh.

Fig Infusion by Essential Parfums.

Fig Infusion unexpectedly became my go to choice during the last summer’s seaside holiday, and the love continues this summer.

My 100 ml bottle is half empy – given the fact that I love to smell fig perfumes, but rarely decide to wear them, that is quite a compliment to Nathalie Lorson and Essential Parfums.

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Disclosure – Gifted: the bottle provided by the brand on Esxence 2022.
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