I Originality

We pledge to create or promote original  olfactory forms.
Creations borrowed from  existing olfactory forms must be acknowledged.
Original creators and formula owners shall be named and rewarded.
Plagiarism is not tolerated. 

II Art and Design

We believe that olfactory forms are works of the mind and fragrances are pieces of art and design. Their composers are artists and designers.

III Respect

We strive to ensure that suppliers, farmers and chemists all around the world receive the respect they deserve.

I Anti-Fog

We pledge to write scent descriptions that are reliable and actually descriptive.
If we say it, you will smell it.

V Sampling

If complimentary samples are provided, they are not to be resold.
They may be donated to e.g. Dress for Success, a school for the blind, or other charities which will donate them to people who cannot afford perfumes or wish to learn perfumes.

VI Disclosure

If we review a fragrance, active contribution or promotion from the fragrance composer or owner will be disclosed.

VII Flagging

If you see or smell something, say something.
We will be scrupulous about facts and oversights brought to our attention.

VIII Clean Slate

All fragrances created prior to your signature of the pledge are grandfathered.

The Perfumery Code of Ethics Screenshot 20211126 221608 01
This Code of Ethics is currently based on an honor system.
There is no commitment besides what is duly expressed above.
Perfumers are committing personally, besides formula owners, and brands who may also commit as such.
If you would like to commit as well, please
submit your pledge here.