Gold by Puredistance (2019)

01/04/2020 / Updated on 08/09/2021

Gold is the symbol that goes beyond material and stands for everything we value the most, or is hardest to gain and preserve: apart from all the material value that is measured or compared by the value of gold, we call our dearest one’s “gold”.

I got the opportunity to test Puredistance Gold thanks to giveaway organized by Puredistance in last December, just when the perfume was launched. I applied to giveaway expecting nothing, mostly because I really never managed to be the lucky one. I believe you can’t even imagine the level of my surprise when the message of Puredistance landed in my messenger, with a notice that I won one of ten offered samples!

I read it a few times. Before clicking “send” on a return message, I rechecked every word twice, just to be sure that I did not misspell my name and address, as if I have not written them a zillion times before.
Then I clicked “send”.
Of course, a second later I figured that I forgot to write my phone number… Yep, that’s what it looks like when you win a giveaway for the first time ever: in my mid-forties I reacted like a crazy girl before a first date.

To make a love story more golden, my sample arrived on Valentines day. Please tell me it’s not a sign, even though I don’t quite believe in them, normally.
But, oh… slow and inpredictable postal sevices delivered Gold as my Valentine gift!

No, I still do not believe in every kind of sign, but before I even opened the envelope I was pretty sure that it was the beginning of a love story bound to happen.
And it did.


Gold is the third member of Puredistance perfume trilogy showcasing three signature Puredistance colors: Black (launched in 2013.), White (2015.) and Gold. The creator of the trilogy is Antoine Lie, who also created Warszawa (2017.) and Aenotus (2019.). In Gold Mr. Lie presented translucent but richly layered oriental of subtle warmth, an off-standing fusion of almost filigree beauty and conceptual abstraction of Mondiran’s art.

Mr. Lie created the olfactive equivalent of modern abstraction, without imposing any angularity. While wearing Gold, I had to tune myself to sotto voce expression, only to find myself diving deeper and deeper trough the rich and glowingly transparent layers and very subtle warm/cold contrasts.
Once the whispering message was grasped and the wealth is possessed – Gold shined on me in full radiating beauty, modernly abstract yet delicate as the works of classic filigree masters.

Gold by Puredistance (2019) Gold Mondrian Jan Vos
The Golden Mondiran by Mr. Jan Ewoud Vos, the creative director of Puredistance.

I always thought that gold does not offer or provide refinement. It rather seeks it from its wearer. That is exactly how Puredistance Gold enriches the wearer: in the purest form, it envelopes in rich and deep, yet transparent and shimmering warmth. And then, when the possibility becomes a match, it blends and fulfills, and the enrichment becomes the reality.

A tempting abstraction is present in every layer of Gold’s composition, from the fruity top trough the discrete floral middle to the depths of the warm resinous and balsamic base. The first few times I was wearing the perfume, I could hardly pinpoint any particular note – Gold is so smoothly blended. As Mr. Lie’s artful filigree hand removed every rough edge, I surrendered to the subtly delivered richness, sensing the intersections of cold and warm facets, different textures and shades.

In the opening mandarine sparkles a feeling of subtly vivacious, noble liveness, ornamented with fresh aromatic rosemary and contrasting warmth of cloves.

The flowery middle brings shine and a sense of translucent lightness. The floral fragility is enhanced by compact cistus, transmitting the echoes of the resinous base beneath. Just as the perfume starts to warm on the skin, Gold starts to shimmer. Gold warms up gradually and smoothly as if mimicking the compact singularity of the noble metal gaining the warmth of the skin.


There is something dignifying in a way that Gold’s oriental base intimately comforts and cuddles, and at the same time refuses being fully decoded. Then it got me: skin and Gold blended in a most refined way – Gold honours the skin as a skin-scent by its character, rather than its performance.

Enveloped in the quietly richly layered base I caught my focus shift and swirl: While my attention went from the sweet balsamic creaminess of benzoin and vanilla to shady-resinous styrax and myrrh, a whisper of carnal softness made me ask myself if my devotedly worn golden neckless smells like me on its own, and how is it I never bothered to check.

While Gold remains partially abstract, I fell in love with it to the tiniest filigree detail I still haven’t fully decoded. And I don’t need to: even though I’m quite skeptical about the signs in general, the sparkling, enveloping, rich warmth with a bit of carnal touch humming in its depth is beyond the words, and silence when what we felt and sensed is overwhelming is said to be golden, too.

Love happened.

Gold is crafted from the finest materials: green mandarine essence, bergamot essence, pink peppercorn essence, rosemary essence, clove buds essence (top), jasmin absolute, ciste absolute, geranium essence, cinnamon bark absolute (middle) styrax essence, benzoin resinoid, myrrhe resinoid, patchouli essence, vanilla green beans, tonka beans absolute, castoreum absolute and vetiver essence (base).
In a signature manner, the preciousness of Puredistance perfumes is again introduced in signature concentration: Gold is a perfume extrait (36%).

Gifted. I won the sample in a giveaway, organized by Puredistance.


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