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Project Touch 2020

Why is it important and why is it special Why „Touch“ “We wanted to reach out to niche perfume brands and lovers, and in this fun way help a brand

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London by Gallivant - big
perfume review

London by Gallivant (2017)

It is truly amazing how the first whiff of unknown perfume can dig out the very old and pretty vague memory and turn it into the bright hologram. That’s what

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Gold by Puredistance - big
perfume review

Gold by Puredistance (2019)

Gold is the symbol that goes beyond material and stands for everything we value the most, or is hardest to gain and preserve: apart from all the material value that

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I write about perfumes that express unique olfactive beauty, manifest integrity as individual expressions of art, catch my attention, tickle my imagination, challenge my senses or the way I tend to think.

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