Jardins de Misfah (2019.) by Une Nuit Nomade

03/09/2020 / Updated on 20/01/2022
Jardins de Misfah - Une Nuit Nomade

My Indian summer blues belongs to sweets and roses. Maybe it is my kind of coping with colder mornings and shorter days or just a way to prolong the summer’s period of indulgence and relaxation. Sensing the autumn approaching usually makes me crave for more textured, a bit chubby-sweet, fully bloomed roses. Comforting, jet still fresh. Tender and light as the whispers of early autumn. Jardins de Misfah, created by Jerome di Marino for Une Nuit Nomade in 2019. is my this late-summer rediscovery.

I took the sample on the vacation, as I felt it deserves more consideration, and what a surprise it offered me: Jardins des Misfah bloomed on warm summer nights – nurturing with smooth, refined sweetnes and at the same time conveying the feeling of smooth, hidrated freshness. This is indeed an odalisque-like summer rose!

This fine and light rose gourmand starts off as a fleshy/meaty temptation. The softest red and pink petals of the fully bloomed rose are served with dates, saffron, almonds, Yes, the opening is opulent, meaty and definitely gourmandy, but along the way this fleshy body of scent is delicately transformed into sheer self-conscious lightness.

First meaty and thick-textured rose gradually turns into fresh, hydrated, nurtured one with soothing, almondy heart with light woody undertones. As it quiets down, in the final stages my skin is delightfully covered with soft, not too sweet, and surprisingly airy rahat-lokhum delight!

Jardins des Misfah is summer oriental-gourmand transcending to airy whispers of fed, jet spiritual calmness and satisfaction – definitely worth checking!

Jardins de Misfah 2 - Une Nuit Nomade



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