Los Angeles by Gallivant (2019)

27/09/2019 / Updated on 08/09/2021

Los Angeles is the most recent release from Gallivant, a house that presents the spirit of wanderlust and urban exploration.

The name of the house founded by Nick Steward in 2017. is derived from the informal verb “gallivant”, meaning “to go around from one place to another in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment”.

That is exactly what I did:

During this last week I had long and close encounters with all Gallivant perfumes. I gallivanted between Amsterdam, Berlin, Brooklyn, Istanbul, London, Tel Aviv and Tokyo and trough each of them.

I got introduced to the magic of urban exploration: I visited and revisited different places, got to experience different perfume structures, got attracted to different perfume characters and experienced stronger feelings for some of them.

Gallivanting through Gallivant led me from “one text” to “maybe two, well… surely two.”,  so I decided to start from now and Los Angeles and leave my beloved few filled under “something else” in the second part of my Gallivanting trough Gallivant. 

Los Angeles is created by Karine Chevallier, also the maker of London, Istanbul and Tel Aviv, and presented as “neon floral”“With this fragrance, I wanted to evoke a sultry, shimmering Hollywood. Homes hanging on to the dry earth hillsides, eucalyptus and clary sage, a breeze from the Pacific Ocean. I wanted to conjure up the whoosh of cars. Hot tarmac under the Californian sun, the rubber of limousine wheels cruising along Sunset Blvd. Red tail lights. Fruit smoothies and post-gym selfies. Tiki bars and pineapple cocktails. Neon lights. Pink sunsets. Dry ice and disco lights.”, says the official page.

Gallivant-Los Angeles
 Notes via Gallivant official site – 
Los Angeles:
Top: eucalyptus, clary sage, mandarin and pineapple.
Middle: absolute of narcissus and tuberose.
Base: cade, guaiac wood, nagarmotha, musks and heliotrope.

Out of all Gallivant’s perfumes, Los Angeles strikes me as the most panoramic. It works almost like a story which starts with a series of intense closeups and gradually moves away, expanding to a broader frame, like going from focus to panorama.

The first stages in the development of Los Angeles work as a juicy-sweet mix of popular floral-fruity delights gathered and served to attract, dazzle and satisfy the immediate cravings and needs. 

In a broader sense, floral-fruity-gourmandish opening features a “stereotype served on-demand”, as a necessary justification and fulfilment of accumulated expectations, which places you right on the spot: Yes, this is LA – lights and smiles are brighter, fruits are juicier, air is fresher, the skin and sugar are browner… And all that jazz!

And yet, none of the floral-fruity-gourmand elements served to dazzle and glam are not turned to stereotype:

While I could vividly smell juicy, realistic as if freshly squeezed sweet pineapple and some mandarin, the fruity opening is also enriched with a fair amount of aromatic herbs. Eucalyptus brings cold relaxation, sage supports it with a warmly sweetish touch, and the final effect of the aromatic infusion is fresh contrast to juicy-sweetness.

Further into dry down, tuberose and narcissus express their slightly indolic facets, staying true to their attention-seeking, extroverted, slightly indolic character, and they are additionally enveloped in sugar. The gourmand layer is clearly present, but with a twist from the common sugary sweetness to the finest brown sugar, as if sugar got tanned while slowly melting in the sun, instead of being burnt or caramelized. 

However, the floral-gourmand heart of Los Angeles does not bare any heaviness. My overall impression is closer to sweet, only a bit sultry warmth which provides the illusion of the lightness of being in a place where even common pleasures are served in a most glamorous way.

Los Angeles by Gallivant (2019) LOS ANGELES by GALLIVANT bottle website large

The shift comes slowly as a breeze, and truly is a breeze: closer to the base, Los Angeles feels as if lifted from the ground, refreshing pools and desert warmth, into the air, above the tables with juices, sweet drinks, and casual, but carefully presented and served pleasures.

Closer to the base, the fruity and floral elements are surrounded by a marine breeze. A touch of fresh saltiness surrounds aromatic woody elements, which keep the base fully structured while being lifted in the air. From expressive, intense, warmth and sweetness, Los  Angeles lifts up to cloudless serenity, relaxed, almost fresh and a bit distant.

A change of perspective provides clarity, and the fragrance delivers it. 

Trough the pleasantly fresh breeze, I got the feeling that this perfume gave me the real wings, so I could fly above the dazzle, glam and all that olfactive jazz and take a panoramic view on the City of Angels.

Going from sweet, juicy and intense to airy and serene, from fruity-floral bordering gourmand to woody-marine bordering aromatic, Los Angeles presented a transformation from show to magic.

And in LA, that’s what is all about.

Los Angeles by Gallivant (2019) Sunset On Hollywood Sign website large

The review is based on the discovery set from my own acquisition. Opinions are my own. 

Photographs of the city of Los Angeles and the perfume bottle belong to Gallivant official web page.


Gifted. The sample was gifted with purchased discovery set, by Gallivant. Opinions are my own.


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