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Perfumery Code Of Ethics

“It shall help the public navigate on a sea of obscurism, over abysses of legal voids and through labyrinths of misinformations, alternative facts and behaviors.” Chistophe Laudamiel, July 2020. Epuor

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Project Touch 2020

Why is it important and why is it special Why „Touch“ “We wanted to reach out to niche perfume brands and lovers, and in this fun way help a brand

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house overview

Le Jardin Retrouvé

I first read about Le Jardin Retrouvé’s and The Revival Project 2018.  in The Plum Girl text sometime in the middle of last year.  By then, I already knew the basic facts about Yuri

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About The Author


I write about perfumes that express unique olfactive beauty, manifest integrity as individual expressions of art, catch my attention, tickle my imagination, challenge my senses or the way I tend to think.

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