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Mirisna is a personal blog featuring perfume reviews, news and articles about perfume production, perfume related culture and history.
The reviews are the results of multiple testings and all-day wear.
"Whiffs" are the first impressions, and are based on less experience - that's why they are called that way.
Mirisna could not have existed or functioned without positive, sensitive, friendly and in every sense beautiful perfume lovers, as well as bloger colleagues and friends who are generously willing to share their experiences, samples and photographs out of the pure love which we share. You will recognize some of them in disclosures. I can not highlight my deepest gratitude and love brightly enough.

Scent of a Scam – Tomislav Vrbanec, the perfumer
Perfumery Code Of Ethics
La Route de la Soie collection by Ormonde Jayne (2020)
Al Sahra by The Different Company (2020)
Bat (2020) by Zoologist
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Mirisna has been publishing under unchanged responsibility since April 2019, with the following changes of title and address:
Blog in Croatian:
1.4. 2019. - 1.4.2020
Blog in English
1.9.2019 - 1.4. 2020)
Blog in Croatian and in English:
1.4.2020 -



I write about perfumes that express unique olfactive beauty, manifest integrity as individual expressions of art, catch my attention, tickle my imagination, challenge my senses or the way I tend to think.

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Mirisna is published under the personal responsibility.

I do not publish unofficial or unauthorised information,  I personally do a fact-check. If publishing questionable information, I will clearly state the doubt.

I admitt mistakes and correct them promptly.

I choose to remain anonimized (just under my personal name, as Iva or Iva Mirisna) as to avoid on-line recognition. This allows me to receive the same on-line treatment as any other perfume buyer. 

In a formal way and without exception, I disclose my personal identity while making any kind of contact as a blogger or the author of the text which might be published.

I disclose conflicts of interest, affiliations and activities resulting in any personal benefit.

For detailed disclosure see bellow: DISCLOSURE.

I attribute and credit the sources of original content/information and link the source whenever feasible.  

I do make certain that blog entries, quotations, headlines, photos and all other content do not misrepresent

I never distort the content of photos without disclosing what has been changed. Image enhancement is only acceptable for for technical clarity. I label montages and photo illustrations.

In articles:

I recognize that gathering and reporting information in order to publish an article about a speciffic topic may cause harm or discomfort.

While having in mind other person’s reputation, in the public interest I do not / never will withhold the information regarding the product safety / the health of my readers or the information important for making an informed purchase decision. 

Subjects which will be mentioned or themed in the article to be published may be given a fair warning.

I am thoughtful when dealing with inexperienced sources or subjects.

In reviews:

I am aware that all reviews are based on my informed, but subjective opinion. In respect of other people’s tastes and the business owners, I do not publish negative reviews. The silence speaks for itself.

I respect other people’s privacy.

Perfume reviews are highly dependent on circumstances: the testing environment, time devoted to tests and many other factors can impact the my impression or opinion.

Any partial, short or undetailed testing Mirisna labels under “A Whiff”, rather than under “review”.


Mirisna is an independent, self-funded and non-commercial web site.
All presented opinions are my own.
Texts published on Mirisna are not paid for, and their publishing has not been compensated in any other way.
The source of acquisition of the reviewed items (perfume bottle, sample, discovery kit) is and will be fully disclosed in each published text.
Any link appearing in the text to an outside site is for informational purposes only. The publishing of links leading to other sites has not been payed for or compensated.
Mirisna is does not sell, re-sell or swap perfume bottles or samples sent for consideration.


Perfume reviews do not represent recommendations for buying.
Test before you buy!


Creative Commons licenca

Mirisna - Perfume blog by Iva / Mirisna is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://mirisna.com/en/contact/.


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