Al Sahra - The Different Company (2020)

Al Sahra by The Different Company (2020)

Al Sahra is serene and light, ambivalently cold/warm oriental, created by Emilie Coppermann. I’m wearing it on a magnificent summer day, full of contrasts:
Sun is at the zenith, summer heat at its peak, but after the big summer storm the wind is unusually cold, almost feels icy. Above me – crystalline, cloudless, baby blue sky.
Skin exposed to the piercing heat and piercing freshness, sensing both at the same time.

On me, Al Sahra amps it all: metallic, a bit salty and dry facets mingle trough the cinnamony, balsamic warmth, mild incense delicately rise from the resinous, woody heart.
Between warmth and cold, serene lightness, almost transcendental, prevails.

The notes: Mineral Accord, Salt Crystals, White Violet (top), Sand Lily, Cinnamon from Madagascar (middle), Incense, Cistus Labdanum, Patchouli, Sandalwood (base).

The impressions are based on the sample provided by a perfume colleague, Opinions are my own.

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