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L’eau À la rose by Maison Francis Kurkdjian (2020)

Darling rose buds of May

It was early and still rather cold spring when tested L’eau À la rose (2020), but even then my first association was the atmosphere from the series Lovely Buds of May: the lightness of a sunny day, the universally idyllic atmosphere and the unpretentious pleasure of living. The very association to the series with David Jason and Catherine Zeta-Jones, then a young pre-Hollywood rose, always makes me smile, and so did this new Kurkdjian EDT.

At the zenith of spring, while the sky is divinely blue and the sun embraces from above, this fresh and airy, fruity rose resting on a white cloud of clean, dry and slightly powdery musk may not bring anything new, but it will bring what never becomes obsolete and always is necessary: a cheerful and light scent of exuberant optimism.

The olfactive structure by Maison Francis Kurkdjian: Lychee accord, Damascena rose oil, Peony accord, Centifolia rose absolute.

The text is based on the discovery set from my own acquisition. Opinions are my own.


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