Erawan by Parfums Dusita (2018)

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In the enchanted forest
I met an elf
he gave me the chocolate
and I tasted
all seasons in a moment of time.”

There is something surreal, jet familiar in Erawan.

It is green, yet glowing golden and brown.

It is foresty and earthy, but herbs, moss, earth and air smell of chocolate.

And the chocolate emanates the warmth of sun rays, the very same sunrays that made the forest grow.

Erawan must be a perfumed fairytale. 

Only fairytales are made of this kind of self-explainable oddity, where the illusion is material, where everything fits, and even the challenging depths are full of shine.

And about this chocolate I smelled, the one the elf gave me – it is an illusion, crafted by the real perfume fairy.

At least that I know her name.

Erawan (2018.) is a creation of Pissara Umavijani, and here is the list of official notes:

The impressions are based on the sample from my own acquisition. Opinions are my own.

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