The 9th Art and Olfaction Awards 2023 finalists in juried categories were announced today, March 31st on Esxence, and The final ceremony will take place on 11th May in Los Angeles.

AOL Awards 2023 includes perfumes and experimental projects with scent released in 2022.

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From the announcement od the FINALISTS on Esxence 2023: Saskia Wilson Brown, and the judges Spyros Drosopoulos and Chi Wai Tang.

The Art and Olfaction Awards, established in 2014 by The Institute for Art and Olfaction, are given to outstanding creators in the categories of independent, artisan, and experimental perfume from across the globe.
Awarded to just eight projects and perfumes per year, The Art and Olfaction Awards are designed to celebrate excellence in independent perfumery and raise public interest and awareness around new developments in perfumery, on a global scale.

AOL Awards 2023
You can view the finalists and the press release from the Esxence here.


The panel of AOL Awards 2023 judges who blindly selected the finalists and the winners in the artisan and independent categories included:

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For brands that employed an external perfumer or fragrance house to initiate and create the formula for the submitted perfume, then released under the brand’s name.

AOL Awards 2023 announced 10 finalists.


Animal Café, by ExtraVirgo
Perfumer: Michele Marin for ExtraVirgo, Italy
Creative Director: HH. Prince Alex of Limbin

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Flamingo, by Blackcliff
Perfumer: Kyle Mott Kannenberg for Blackcliff, Barbados
Creative Director: Tomilson Bynoe

Fuchsrot Men, by Bodé Studios
Perfumer: Andreas Wilhelm for Bodé Studios, Switzerland
Creative Director: Lino Bottani

Hora de la Verdad, Sombra, by Senyokô
Perfumer: Euan McCall for Senyokô, France
Creative Directors: Joseph and Eglantine Berthion

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Ierofante, by Parfums Quartana
Perfumer: Luca Maffei for Parfums Quartana, USA
Creative Director: Joseph Quartana

Los Angeles, by de Kloka X Death & Co
Perfumer: Jackie Brenner for de Kloka X Death & Co, USA
Creative Directors: David Kaplan and Nick Fauchald

Mansa, by Pernoire
Perfumer: Andreas Wilhelm for Pernoire, Switzerland
Creative Directors: Robin Dünner and Nico Mannino

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Room No., by Perfumehead
Perfumer: Constance Georges-Picot for Perfumehead, USA
Creative Director: Daniel Patrick Giles

Tri-Goddess, by Sage Goddess
Perfumer: Alexandra Bisson for Sage Goddess, USA
Creative Director: Athena Perrakis

Wind Blows, by QIUHAO
Perfumer: Yili Olfactory Art for QIUHAO, China
Creative Director: Qiu Hao & Huang Jun


Ceremony by In Fieri (USA)
Corpalium by Marlou (France)
Gold Spot by Sarah Baker (England)
Tong Ren by Elementals (Germany)
White Whale by Masque Milano (Italy)

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For perfume brands that are owned or co-owned by the brand’s primary perfumer, who initiated and created the submitted perfume’s formula in-house.

AOL Awards 2023 announced 10 finalists:


Alter Oud, by d.grayi
Perfumer: James Miju, USA

Encore du Temps, by Meo Fusciuni
Perfumer: Giuseppe Imprezzabile, Italy

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Filament, by nosey people society
Perfumer: Breanne Patterson, USA

Garden Heaux, by SAMAR
Perfumer: Na-Moya Lawrence, USA

La Tacita De Cafe, Extrait, by Day Three Fragrances
Perfumer: Michael Paul, USA

Osmanthus Floral, by Rebel Perfume / Neshama Perfume
Perfumer: Simon Shaer, UK

Solario by OSMOFOLIA

Tobacco Smeraldo, by Miguel Matos
Perfumer: Miguel Matos, Portugal

Tatami Dreams, by Tavie Belle
Perfumer: Lavinia Cheng, China

Voices, by House of Mammoth
Perfumer: Benjamin Esposito, USA


American Pharaoh by Folkwinds (USA)
Enlightenment by Christèle Jacquemin (France)

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Lunar Dust by Mabelle O’rama (England)
Red Skies by Maher Olfactive

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From Esxence 2023 – the atmosphere and the two finalists standing: the perfumers Meo Fusciuni and Miguel Matos.


For creative or experimental practitioners who make use of scent in an unconventional or experimental manner, that takes it out of the domain of traditional perfumery.

The Sadakichi Award was
juried by Darin Klein, Kaya Sorhaindo, Klara Ravat, and Simon Niedenthal.

AOL Awards 2023 announced 5 finalists:


Aerosculpture, by Maki Ueda
Perfumer: Maki Ueda, Japan

Aquanauts, by Pompe Hedengren
Perfumer: Karolina Stockhaus, Sweden

Lágrimas, Terra e Crisântemo, by Karola Braga
Perfumer: Leandro Petit, Givaudan
NEGR-OID, by Rhea Dillon
Perfumer: Rhea Dillon, UK

Salt Flowers, by Peter de Cupere,
Perfumer: Peter de Cupere, Belgium

Scent Clock / The Koepenicker, by Patrick Palcic
Perfumer: Patrick Palcic Studio, Germany


The discretionary awards will be announced on May 11th, 2023. in Los Angeles:

Aftel award for handmade perfume

This award honours one outstanding, small-batch perfume that was 100% perfumer-created, in-house, with no use of outsourced compounding or expansion at any stage of the process.

Contribution to the scent culture award

This award honours outstanding and significant contributions to global public awareness of artisan, independent and experimental practices with scent.


This award honours an outstanding person showing proof of exceptional vision with regard to how scent is used, developed, or imagined.

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